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00BAMA Review of the Todd Berger comedy webseries that imagines President Barack Obama instituting his policies of change as a James Bond-style covert operative with assistance from Joey B, Hill and Rahm.

and Boris Review of the dramatic webseries about an out-of-shape former KGB spy trying to find his way in a post-Soviet world that was filmed on a digital still-camera by an unemployed married couple.

Anti-Matter Review of the comedy webseries set in a New York City comic book store that offers small snippets into geek life that are easily assessable to anyone, regardless of cultural orientation.

Back on Topps Review of the Michael Eisner-produced webseries that takes place at the Topps Trading Card Company and features Jason and Randy Sklar as heirs to the sports manufacturing throne.

Bad Crooks Review of the partially improvisational comedy webseries about seven former office workers who turn to a life of crime in order to make ends meet when they find themselves unemployed.

The Bannen Way Review of the Sony Crackle webseries about a small-time thief having difficulty escaping the world of crime while caught between his mobster uncle and law enforcement father.

The Bitter End Review of the Canadian webseries about about two estranged brothers sharing an apartment together that was born out of the improv theater performances of its creators and cast.

Blood and Bone China Review of the Victorian England webseries involving the strange disappearance of a small town’s population that leads a trio of investigators to a local China maker and a clan of vampires. 

Blue Movies Review of the comedy webseries about a misguided intern working at a pornographic film studio, the assistant he is attracted to and the director who has artistic ambitions for his creations.

Casters Review of the New York City-based webseries about a trio of podcasters and their efforts to balance the “need to be heard” with the various trials and tribulations of their twentysomething lives. 

The Confession Review of the dramatic webseries that features Kiefer Sutherland as a professional hitman and John Hurt as a priest, filled with philosophical undertones and an action-packed backstory.

Copy & Pastry Review of the comedic webseries centering on two roommates attempting to break into the pastry industry, created by the vaudeville-like acting team of Scott McCabe and Tory Stanton.

Curtain Call Review of the murder-mystery webseries that follows the investigation of an actress shot during a stage production and the polar opposite homicide detectives assigned to find the truth.

Drunk History and Great and Telling Tales History takes a different and amusing turn in these two original webseries that live up to their respective names, offered by Funny Or Die and the History Channel.

Fourplay in LA Review of the comedy webseries that explores the lives of four female roommates living in Los Angeles through a series of short-episode snapshots that, taken together, paint a vivid picture.

Freckle and Bean Review of the comedy webseries about two female roommates struggling to make their dreams of becoming Hollywood actresses come true that conjures up memories of Laverne & Shirley.

The Guild Season One Review of the first season of the comedy webseries created by actress Felicia Day that revolves around a group of online gamers who struggle when it comes to living in the real world.

Hollywood Wasteland Review of the comedy webseries about an apocalyptic future and the present day comic book artist who will ultimately save mankind, despite the narcissism he shares with his roommates.

I Am Tim Review of the mockumentary webseries that follows the exploits of Tim Helsing, a descendant of legendary monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing, whose destiny it is to fight the demons of the world. 

The Last Man(s) on Earth Review of the comedy webseries about “end of the world” survival skills and the attempts of the two main characters to create a series of instructional videos for any scenario.

Leap Year Review of the dramedy webseries about five friends who are thrust into a competition against each other when they lose their jobs and start their own individual businesses despite the inherent risks.

Leap Year Season Two Review of the second season of the dramedy webseries in which five friends start a business together and must deal with both cutthroat competitors and their own personal moral issues. 

Mermates Review of the comedy webseries about a male mermaid, who looks normal on the outside, and his new human roommate that flips its fish-out-of-water premise by focusing on the human’s perspective.

The Mop and Lucky Files Review of the comedy webseries that follows two unemployed females as they open an under-the-radar personal espionage service for women worried about their boyfriend’s fidelity. 

My Gimpy Life Review of the comedy webseries that follows real life actress Teal Sherer as she maneuvers her wheelchair through Hollywood in an attempt to achieve both personal and professional success. 

Next! the series Review of the award winning webseries that follows real life casting director John Jackson and the fictitious auditions for a low-budget horror film that ultimately lead to comedic results.

Nights in UltraViolet Review of the New York-based webseries that bills itself as “Twin Peaks meets Seinfeld” but also shares similarities with the HBO comedy Bored to Death and the films of Hal Hartley. 

Odd Jobs Review of the witty comedic webseries that follows a suddenly unemployed investment banker who is forced to make a living through a series of odd jobs found on Craigslist by his slacker friend.

On Empty Review of the mockumentary comedy webseries about two Los Angeles transplants, who have little knowledge on how the industry operates, and their efforts at making it as actors in Hollywood. 

Out of Luck Review of the comedic webseries about a mischievous leprechaun that loses his powers and recruits a human male to help him in exchange for romantic guidance regarding the woman he loves.

The Power Object Review of the comedic webseries that utilizes Barbie-like dolls as actors to tell the story of three female roommates who attempt to turn their lives around with the help of a magic vibrator.

Pueblo Review of the offbeat romantic comedy webseries about an American teacher in small town Spain that has a Woody Allen-esque style and serves as an effective “postcard” for the region.

The Real Girl's Guide to Everything Else Review of the comedic webseries about a Lebanese lesbian writing a chick-lit novel with the help of her friends in order to fund a research trip to Afghanistan.

Saving Rent Review of the webseries sitcom about a Los Angeles advertising manager who is forced to rent out rooms in his house to a group of strangers in order to save money after he loses his job.

The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers Review of the documentary webseries produced by PBS that spotlights various scientists and engineers with a focus on their real-life hobbies as well as careers.

SOLO Review of the comedy webseries that follows a reality show about a one-man mission to Mars that is cancelled after only thirty days, stranding the would-be astronaut in deep space in the process.

The Steps Review of the noir-thriller webseries that follows a former Los Angeles private investigator as he attempts to evade the law in small town Tennessee while likewise facing his own internal demons.

Time for Passion Review of the comedy webseries about the fictitious Johnson Roberts as he teaches acting students how to use “passion” in their performances while attempting to film his own script.

Transylvania Television Review of the comedy webseries about a collection of Muppet-style puppets that are monster-esque in nature operating a television station in the Carpathian Mountains.

The Trivial Pursuits of Arthur Banks Review of the AMC-produced webseries about the romantic relationships of a neurotic playwright that contains numerous similarities to the films of Woody Allen.

The Video Makers Review of the webseries created by real-life documentary video producer Walter Gottlieb that spoofs the non-fiction television industry through the fictitious Lowball Productions.

We Are with the Band Review of the Los Angeles-based webseries that follows two female hipsters and their comedic misadventures within the local underground music scene while partying through life.

Wolfpack of Reseda Review of the genre mixing webseries that combines horror, mystery and comedy as it follows a California automobile insurance salesman who appears to be transforming into a werewolf.